This site publishes 10 previously unpublished pieces of correspondence between Phil Walden (best known as the co-founder of Capricorn Records), members of his staff, and various political figures such as Zell Miller, Sam Nunn, Herman Talmadge, and Jimmy Carter. This material comes from records that were abandoned after the bankruptcy of Capricorn Sound Studios in 1979 and are cited in the article:

Jason Lee Guthrie and Lori Amber Roessner, “Covering Copyright: Phil Walden and Jimmy Carter in the Press during the 1976 Presidential Campaign,” Journalism History 48, no. 2 (2022): 103-123,

  • Lieutenant Governor Zell Miller to All Georgia Sheriffs and Chiefs of Police, September 26, 1975: PDF
  • Phil Walden to Cloyd Hall, September 11, 1975: PDF
  • Phil Walden to Cloyd Hall, August 22, 1975: PDF
  • James F. Fitzpatrick to Cloyd Hall, August 6, 1975: PDF
  • Sam Nunn to James O. Eastland, July 10, 1975: PDF
  • James F. Fitzpatrick to Phil Walden, June 27, 1975: PDF
  • Phil Walden to Cloyd Hall, April 15, 1975: PDF
  • Herman E. Talmadge to Phil Walden, December 6, 1974: PDF
  • Jimmy Carter to Phil Walden, December 3, 1974: PDF
  • Sam Nunn to Phil Walden, December 2, 1974: PDF

This material was provided to the authors by Jared Wright who photocopied the originals as part of cataloguing the collection as it was prepared for auction. Physical copies of some, but not all, documents were confirmed in the private collection of Robin Duner-Fenter, son of Capricorn Records co-founder Frank Fenter.